Bloody Games

Are you looking for blood and gore? This is the place where you’ll get everything connected with killing. These killing games are just the right remedy for your hungry brain cells that simply choke if they don’t see violence.

There are twelve bloody games on this page and you don’t want to miss any of them. They have escape games and some really cool deadly games.

You can start off with Bulwark as it’s the first one and for all the good reasons. It’s a mouse cursor shooter game; you control the guy with W, A, S, D keys and aim & shoot with the mouse cursor. Similarly games like ‘De Animator’ and ‘Days 2 Die’ are just brilliant as they shock and immerse you in the on-screen action.

When you’ll play Bulwark, and you shoot zombies, they won’t instantly die. You’ll need to empty your pistols on some really tough guys. And many times, they will attack you in packs so repeatedly clicking the mouse button can be a nuisance.

Among others are Endless Rampage Zombie 2, Gods Playing Field, Hitstick 2, Hitstick 3, Palisade Guardian, Stick War, Vinnies Rampage, Deadly Venom, and Deadly Venom 3. You’ll enjoy them the most when you play them in dim lights and high volume, the screams of zombies and the cries of the undead just add more drama to the experience.

This page is filled with bloody games, just keep playing and clearing levels, you will get bloody satisfaction here!