Detective Games

Fancy Sherlock Homes? I bet you like his movies, TV series or the good old Arthur Conan Doyle novels on the man, whatever your love is you definitely are a detective, doesn’t matter even if it’s in the making. This game page is about your interest, ‘detective games’.

It has all kinds of detective games. It will be hard for you to get away from the mesmerizing mystery. The brain just jumps into problem solving mode once it sees a puzzle, it just happens in an instant. And once this ‘tick tock’ starts, it’s hard to look away from the screen unless the mystery is solved.

You will be talking to many witnesses to solve a crime, let me tell you, these are highly engaging, interactive games so you need to be observant. If you miss out on any key aspect you won’t be able to solve the mystery.

Look for any clues that can help you solve your problem. You can play Animals at Risk, Apartment 13, Brain Splatters 2, Covert Front, Daily Witness, Detective Grimoire, Doraemon Mystery, Hector Holmes, No Vacancy, Pig Detective, Rizzoli and Isles, and Telepath.

All of these games are addictive but at the end of it all, you will become a qualified detective. Just show your highs scores to any police department and you’ll be hired.

(For guys who are way too serious, that last part was a joke)