Escape Games

It’s simply thrilling to be able to escape from a dire situation. Escaping gives you the sense of freedom even if YOU put yourself in that situation. Whatever the case, an escape gives you the confidence and the feeling that you overcame a tough situation and saved your own soul.

These are some fantastic escape mini games. You’ll definitely feel the thrill of escaping despite the fact that these are only mini games. A total of 10 escape games await you here. You will be escaping from bathrooms to war prisons to ghosts. There are enough games here to keep you glued to this page. Most of the games are played with mouse cursor, for instance, ‘Escape the Bathroom’ is the perfect game to engage your innovation and thinking skills. You up for some intelligent action? This will definitely test you in that area.

Other games of escape genre on this page are; Abandoned, Alice is Dead, Depict, Dreamsgate, Escape From Helltowers, Escape the Boogeyman, Ghost Escape, Escape from Elm Street, Haunted, Escape the Health Center and of course Escape the Bathroom. All of these games have something that exercises your brain muscle, you won’t have to passively click everything in the hope that you’ll eventually hit something; it makes you analyze stuff, you ready for it?