Halloween Games

Time for some spooky action! You’ve come to the right spot for some scary games, well I don’t mean to actually spook you out because not all games are full of mind boggling mysteries, so relax, take a chill pill and enjoy this one.

Halloween is all about ghosts, scary creatures and dressing up in really weird garbs but this time let’s have a different kind of Halloween. If you want some pumpkin action, you have the perfect dimension to immerse yourself in to, play the Pumpkin Remover. Boo! Did I scare you?

Relax! it’s a perfect fun game. The plot of the game is very simple you just have to remove rotten pumpkins by clicking them with mouse button.

However you need to be careful as there will be some fresh pumpkins in them too, so that makes it a strategy game. Here’s the picture, you’ll see a pyramid of pumpkins and a fresh pumpkin would be sitting right on top. You will remove rotten pumpkins by clicking on them.

Now the rule of the pyramid is that if you remove something right from the middle, the structure collapse and there is a great chance that your happy pumpkin will go tumbling down. So for that not to happen, you can remove the extreme right or left rotten pumpkins in the base.

There you go, I just gave a hint but this won’t help you in every level. Press play and start your brain engines!