Killing Games

It feels so good to be right in the middle of the killing zone yet not getting killed, amazing isn’t it? You and I both know that feeling. And I know you’re here because you want to kill some bad guys.

I guess death is a necessary evil; it keeps the balance of this universe intact otherwise things can go out of hand. Regardless of the nature of the person, every good or bad soul has to die.

Enough of this philosophy blabber, you up for some serious killing?

Play these outlandish killing games and cause some mayhem in the world. Oh no, you’re not the bad guy (may be in some games) but the point is, you’re doing this world a favor by slaying zombies and monsters.

Take for instance these super killing games; Friday the 24th, Mass Mayhem 3, Doom, Mud and Blood 2, Ricochet Kills, Ouija Board, Kill Justin Bieber, Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer, Creeper World 2 Academy, Ginger Bread Circus 2.

All of them are action packed and not all of them are violent, some are stress relieving. Kill Justin Bieber is one game that really relaxes you, you just hit the kid with a water bottle. Move your mouse cursor and click to shoot.

Whatever you’re going through in your life, there’s nothing better than a nice killing game that lets you wreak havoc.