Vampire Games

It’s one thing to watch a scary vampire movie and quite another to be in one. No, this page doesn’t take you to Hollywood at the production of Twilight Saga, here you get to PLAY vampire games and enter into the world of the undead.

Vampires fascinate humans for mysterious reasons. Vampire World is a great place full of spooky pleasures and surprises. Good and evil exist in Vampire world too and that’s why there are some good vampires in movies that kill bad vampires.

Take Hellfire Online, you get to play weasel the good vampire and your objective is to kill the evil blood suckers. You do this by placing the crosshair on the bad guys with your mouse cursor and clicking the left mouse button. Move around with W, A, S, D keys.

Vampires are not only about slashing evil monsters with shiny blades and piercing trolls with silver bullets. Vampires can be very friendly, so friendly that you can play dress up games with them and that’s not all, Katrina’s Midnight Burger takes the human-vampire relation one notch further by serving burgers to zombies and vampires.

There are 18 vampire games on this page including; Dress Up Vampire, Shroud Vampire, Vampire Quiz, Twilight Fashion, Twilight Kiss Eclipse, Twilight Stars, Vampire Awakening, Vampire Hunter Ina, Vampire Hunter Ina 2, Vampire Hunter Ina 3, Vampire Kissing Kiss of Death, Vampire Love, Vampire Skills, Vampire Slay, Vampire Slayer and Vampire Dress Up.

Enter the dark world now!